DemandCaster® is a full featured and affordable Forecasting / Demand and Supply Planning software that runs in the cloud to help manufacturers and distributors of all sizes drive sales, prevent stock-outs, and reduce inventory.

Cost Effective

DemandCaster forecasting and planning software has low upfront costs, cost effective pricing, and supports you throughout the life of your subscription at no extra cost. All subscriptions are month to month and can be cancelled at any time. DemandCaster is a low-risk investment that drives substantial ROI within months of deployment.

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DemandCaster forecasting and planning software simplifies your forecasting, demand planning, requirement planning, and S&OP processes by integrating with your ERP and centralizing all your data in our secure databases. No more spreadsheet versioning, emailing, and calculation errors to contend with.

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DemandCaster forecasting and planning software is easy to learn and easy to use. It includes common sense metrics, views, and clickable relational navigation. DemandCaster provides a holistic view of demand and supply to allow users to view up-to-date information and graphical visualizations of their entire operation.

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Partner Approach

Whether you are a newbie planner or an experienced forecaster, the DemandCaster software team provides integration support and training up front to assure you get the most out of DemandCaster. We also listen to the needs of our customers. Approximately 50% of DemandCaster's features are a direct result of user input.

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Stop working out of spreadsheets - get into DemandCaster!

  • Demand plan with statistical forecasting, enter overrides, and review actual to plan by customer, market, region, product group or any aggregate grouping (S&OP Module)
  • Supply plan by item, aggregate grouping, or location with ending inventory targets, level loaded supply, or demand chase supply (S&OP Module)
  • Plan promotions and one time events by customer as layers added to demand plan and review actual to plan performance (S&OP Module)
  • Pull latest data from ERP to run requirement plans using generated item forecasts for what if planning or day to day ordering (Base Module)
  • Drill into item to view requirement planning detail and change planning settings as needed (Base Module)
  • Explode forecasts through BOM's for component inventory setting and ordering (Manufacturing Module)
  • Review requirement planning impact on work center capacity to identify constraints and reschedule load (Manufacturing Module)
  • Numerous on demand analytics including item business importance ranking, on time performance, and safety stock / order point optimization (Base Module)
  • Custom reports engine to create company specific reports and templates using Excel (Base Module)

DemandCaster helped save our company!

"We couldn't keep track of our forecasts well enough with spreadsheets and we were overstocking and stocking out all over. We tried a couple other solutions, but DemandCaster Forecasting and Planning software finally fixed the pain we were feeling. The ability to forecast by week, by customer - and customize settings to exactly fit our business model - is a godsend. The DemandCaster team is great to work with and have quickly created several options to fit our needs. Their SaaS option makes it easily fit in our budget - and provides better functionality than other systems that cost well over 6 figures. I thoroughly recommend DemandCaster for anyone wanting to forecast and manage inventory better." Alex Fuller, Durham Brands

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Forecast accuracy has reduced inventory!

"DemandCaster's S&OP Forecasting and Planning software module has made a huge difference in our companies performance. Since we started the process we have have improved our accuracy to within 1% of forecast! DemandCaster's ability to help us quickly visualize and analyze demand patterns from a market segment, company, and part view point has provided a huge improvement in how we understand and manage our business. As a result of this, our standard hours produced to load hours are within one day of being perfectly balanced and we have hit 96% on time for two months in a row even as our inventory has dropped 30% since we started. Its really good to see we can keep things going service wise at these much lower stock levels!" Steve Kase, ASK Power

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DemandCaster manages multiple planning scenarios!

"I have worked with the DemandCaster Forecasting and Planning software and the DemandCaster team since April of 2011. I have found the DemandCaster Forecasting and Planning software product to be a great alternative to the larger and more costly demand and supply management solutions. There has not been a planning scenario that DemandCaster hasn’t been able to handle, including complex issues such as providing free issue components to overseas contract manufacturers. The excellent support the DemandCaster team provides are based on real world experiences and the program lets me produce the desired results without a lot of needless complication." John Traynor, Suzo-Happ Group

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