DemandCaster® is a full featured yet affordable demand and supply planning software that runs in the cloud to help manufacturers and distributors accurately forecast demand and optimize supply.

Cost Effective

DemandCaster has low upfront costs, cost effective pricing, and supports you throughout the life of your subscription at no extra cost. All subscriptions are month to month and can be cancelled at any time. DemandCaster is a low-risk investment that drives substantial ROI within months of deployment.

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DemandCaster simplifies your forecasting, requirement planning, and S&OP processes by integrating with your ERP and centralizing all your planning data in our secure databases. No more spreadsheet versioning, emailing, broken links, and calculation errors to contend with.

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DemandCaster is easy to learn and easy to use. It is built with common sense metrics, views, and clickable relational navigation. DemandCaster provides a holistic view of demand and supply to allow users to view up-to-date information and graphical visualizations of their entire operation.

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Partner Approach

Whether you are a newbie planner or an experienced forecaster, we’re available to answer questions and provide responsive support when you need it. We listen to the needs of our customers and provide frequent product enhancements at no additional cost. It is why our 98% of our customers stay.

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Not a One Size Fits All Solution

We offer a number of powerful modules and numerous demand and supply planning software options that can be mixed and matched to meet the unique needs of your company. As your company grows, DemandCaster grows with you. Many of our clients start with basic forecasting and planning and then "graduate" to collaborative sales and operations planning (S&OP). Best of all, because DemandCaster is a cloud-based Software as a Service, you continue to benefit from the new capabilities and features that are continually introduced at no additional cost. More than half of DemandCasters features are a result of customer input.

DemandCaster, like any demand and supply planning software, is not a silver bullet. It is only as good as the data that drives it, the processes that manage it, and the conclusions drawn from it. Companies that succeed on these fronts see significant benefits in service levels and working capital employed. To this end, DemandCaster comes with a thorough training and process building program that teaches your team how to effectively run a demand and supply planning and ordering process to help ensure ongoing success.

From promotion planning to requirement planning, capacity planning and scheduling, DemandCaster has the features and commitment to support to drive your business forward.