3 Questions to Ask as you Prepare for an S&OP meeting

Have you ever figured out a problem on your own, just by asking yourself the right questions? Have you ever had that boss or mentor that guides you on the right path by asking questions rather than just giving you answers? What can we learn by asking ourselves or our peers the right questions? In my […]

Product Review

Are Product Reviews part of your S&OP Process?

Do you review your product portfolio on a regular basis? Understanding the profitability or potential profit-loss, demand behaviors, life-cycle management, new product introduction, and different pricing strategies of your products is extremely important. The cross-functional collaboration between departments that the S&OP process provides, creates the perfect forum for periodically reviewing your product line, whether quarterly […]

Sales Forecast

Sales Forecasting, Honesty is the best Policy?

Were you ever told as a child, “Honesty is the best policy?” My mother lived by this rule, “Always tell the truth! No exceptions!” she would say.  But of course, she had her exceptions, she once told me, “If I ask how my cooking was, the answer is delicious, true or not!” We all develop our own […]

Unconstrained Forecast.2

Unconstrained Forecast or Constrained Forecast? Why do they matter?

When it comes to Sales and Operations Planning,  stakeholders at all levels can sometimes find it hard to understand different concepts and the important underlying strategy involved. One of the most important topics I have found in the S&OP process that seems to drive people crazy is The Unconstrained Sales Forecast vs. The Constrained Sales […]

Annual Budget vs. Plan3

Free S&OP Excel Template Series: Budget vs. Plan

The next free S&OP Excel Template is here!!! The fourth release in the Free S&OP Excel Template series is an important report that helps evaluate Budget vs. Plan. One of the main questions the executive team will always ask in the S&OP process is the variance between budget and plan. It is important to understand […]

Sales Forecast Financial Overview Photo

Free S&OP Excel Template Series: Sales Forecast Financial Overview

It’s that time again! The third Free S&OP Excel Template in the series is here! Everyone here at DemandCaster is thrilled with all  the positive feedback we have been receiving and an unprecedented amount of followers to this series. I am humbled to see this series is reaching such a large audience and I thank all of you […]


Free S&OP Excel Template Series: Demand vs. Supply

Here at DemandCaster we are truly humbled by the incredible amount of positive feedback we received after the first post in our Free S&OP Excel Template Series. If you missed our first free template, Forecast Consumption click on the link to check it out. I am really excited about releasing this next template, Demand vs. […]

S&OP Excel Template

Free S&OP Excel Template Series: Forecast Consumption Template

Here at DemandCaster we are excited to announce our new blog series focused on different Microsoft Excel templates we will be giving away for free. The new blog series is inspired by the launch of our new custom reporting feature in our DemandCaster software. Below you will find a short introduction of the Custom reporting feature followed […]

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Do you K.I.S.S your S&OP Process?

Do you K.I.S.S your S&OP Process? For those who think I’m crazy, lets start by explaining the K.I.S.S principle, it is an acronym that stands for Keep it Simple, Stupid! You may still think I am crazy, lets be honest, simple and the S&OP process just don’t seem to go together or do they? Can […]