Spreadsheets are great for planning when your manufacturing or distribution company is small and manages only a few parts. But as your company grows, those planning spreadsheets can quickly become a burden, making it increasingly difficult and time consuming to accurately forecast sales and plan inventory.

DemandCaster Cloud-based Supply Chain Planning (SCP) replaces spreadsheets with advanced forecasting and planning software that seamlessly integrates with your ERP system. Integrating DemandCaster with your ERP ensures you can confidently and accurately adjust your supply chain and production plans based on automated updates from shop floors and distribution centers resulting in improved forecast accuracy, lower inventory, satisfied customers, and a happier you! Learn more in this short video.


Attaining Peak Performance with Cloud-based Supply Chain Planning Software

End-to-end supply chain planning is key to remaining competitive in today’s business climate and recent research shows that the use and accessibility of data is separating the laggards from the leaders. Integrating DemandCaster planning software with your ERP can help you achieve peak performance.

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Featured Customers

ASK Power

S&OP and capacity planning capabilities of DemandCaster have enabled ASK Power — a manufacturer of electrical power connectors — to improve on-time delivery, increase inventory turns, reduce order lead time, and increase profit margin from 2 to over 10%. Read the full story

DemandCaster integrated with NetSuite ERP, provided e-tailer — STM Brands — with the insight and control needed to optimize inventory levels and locations. These strategic adjustments, coupled with improved supply chain planning, resulted in dramatic margin improvements and increased company performance. Read the full story



DemandCaster supply chain planning is a cloud-based solution, with high availability, performance, and single version of truth with a low total cost of ownership supporting unlimited users in your organization. DemandCaster is a low-risk investment that drives substantial ROI within months of deployment.

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No Spreadsheets

DemandCaster forecasting and planning software simplifies your forecasting, demand/supply planning, distribution/material requirements planning, and S&OP processes by integrating with your ERP and centralizing all your data in our secure databases. No more spreadsheet versioning, emailing, and calculation errors to contend with.

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Partner Approach

We love our customers! Whether you are a newbie planner or an experienced forecaster, the DemandCaster team provides integration support and training up front to ensure you get the most out of DemandCaster. We also listen to your needs. At least 50% of DemandCaster's features are a direct result of user input.

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DemandCaster for NetSuite®

Managing a fine balance between volatile demand, available capacity, and optimal inventory, while maintaining high customer service levels, is a complex process. As a NetSuite user, you need a robust sales forecasting and inventory planning system that helps you generate accurate forecasts, optimize inventory levels, and share actionable plans across your enterprise.

Data Sheet for DC for NetSuite