DemandCaster Joins Plex Systems

We have important and exciting news to share. DemandCaster is now part of Plex Systems, the industry leader in cloud-based enterprise resource planning solutions.

DemandCaster began partnering with Plex about a year ago. In that short time, we’ve achieved tremendous success together in helping customers transform everything from supply chain planning to manufacturing execution.

That kind of success only comes through close collaboration, and we couldn’t be more excited to take the next step in bringing the two companies together. You can read the press release about the news here.

For our customers, this means the development and services resources of Plex will now be available to the DemandCaster product line. We expect to accelerate our product roadmap and to further enhance our services offerings to better serve you.

We want to stress that while we see tremendous synergies between the two companies’ product suites, we also recognize the immense value of DemandCaster as a standalone offering. We remain fully committed to offering the DemandCaster suite independent of Plex manufacturing solutions, and we will continue to deliver integration capabilities for the industry’s leading legacy and cloud ERP solutions.

We’ll have more details on those plans in the weeks to come.

Just as importantly, this is about bringing our teams together. Ara Surenian, DemandCaster’s founder and CEO, will be joining Plex to lead the Supply Chain products organization, in addition to the entire DemandCaster development and services team.

As we transition, we’ll be in touch regularly to give you updates. In the meantime, everything stays the same – our products, your contacts, etc.

Should you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or feel free to contact us and we’ll get your questions answered A.S.A.P. Thank you for your support and for choosing DemandCaster. And welcome to Plex!

Ara Surenian
CEO, DemandCaster

Jason Blessing
CEO, Plex Systems

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