Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)

The DemandCaster Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) add-on product provides the capability to plan and optimize your master production schedule (MPS) across a network of warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. DRP assigns each item location with its own attributes including lead times, safety stocks, order increments, and other location-specific attributes, to minimize shortages and reduce the cost of ordering, transportation, and holding material.

The DRP add-on is an optional module that may be added to either of the two core platforms: Retail and Distribution Advanced Forecasting and Planning and Manufacturing Advanced Forecasting and Planning.

Distribution Requirement Planning Features:DemandCaster Distribution Requirement Planning

  • Plan and order your products across multiple inter-connected source and destination manufacturing and distribution facilities for an end-to-end enterprise-wide plan.
  • Address short term constrained supply situations by allocating goods to customer orders before safety stock or minimum order quantity requirements.
  • In a constraint supply situations, apply rules to allow excess inventory that is available in a secondary source location to be made available to the destination location.
  • Manage temporary alternate supply locations over a set time horizon.
  • Specify forecasting, safety stock, planning parameters and other settings for each inventory-carrying location and manufacturing facility
  • Set location and item-specific lead times, transfer times, costs, bills of materials, and manufacturing processes even for the same item number.