DemandCaster is Built for Netsuite


DemandCaster Sales Forecasting and Inventory Planning Software as a Service integrates directly with NetSuite to help companies of all sizes move their planning away from their labor intensive and error prone spreadsheets.

Why DemandCaster?

DemandCaster extends NetSuite’s built in Demand and Supply Planning capability by adding numerous forecasting algorithms, hierarchical forecasting, complex multi-location planning, and other capabilities not included in Netsuite. DemandCaster supports the growing demand and supply forecasting and inventory planning needs for Netsuite’s current and prospective customers.

Forecasting AlgorithmsThree forecasting models: Linear Regression. Moving Average, Seasonal Average by item and location onlyEleven best fit forecasting models: Single, double, and triple exponential smoothing, Holts-Winter, Croston's, Discrete, Intermittent, regression, simple moving average, forecast by analogy, forecast by customer and location, and at any level of hierarchy.
Inventory ModelingDependent on forecast using averages and simple modelsMultiple statistical and time based models based on history or demand values. Multi-echelon safety stock calculations within bill of materials and/or distribution networks.
ProcessDemand and Supply planning is tabular and tied togetherDemand and Supply planning are performed linearly with each step feeding into the next step following a formal S&OP structure - the result is a consensus plan that results in actionable MPS and requirement plan to support what if scenarios and ordering.
Financial ModelingNonePlans include unit, revenue, and margin projection using pricing tables, average pricing, and cost. Project inventory projections over time to assess working capital needs and investments.

DemandCaster is Easy to Learn and Use

DemandCaster provides users with highly configurable demand and supply forecasting and planning settings and a user friendly interface to help generate accurate forecasts, optimal levels of inventory, and actionable replenishment plans that can be shared and modified across the enterprise and supply chain.

  • Suitable for newbies or experienced planners
  • Includes common sense metrics, graphical views, and clickable relational navigation
  • Provides a holistic view of demand and supply – history, open orders, on hand, and planned orders all in a single view
  • Encourages a logical step by step planning work flow
  • Significant real world user input during its development provides a practical user experience
  • Over 50% of the product is a result of direct customer input

Flexible DemandCaster to Netsuite Output Options

DemandCaster Advanced Forecasting & Planning for NetSuite Data Sheet >>

Choose how best to plan and output your forecasting and inventory planning data to Netsuite for execution.

  • Option 1: All forecasting, supply planning, master production scheduling, and MRP is done in DemandCaster and the output from DemandCaster to Netsuite is the suggested orders for finished goods and components. This means that DemandCaster will be the Demand Planning, Supply Planning as well the MRP engine and Netsuite will be the ordering/transaction engine. The optional demand and supply planning module offered by Netsuite is not required with this option.
  • Option 2: All forecasting and master production scheduling of finished goods is done in DemandCaster and the output to Netsuite is the supply plan/MPS found in the Netsuite demand planning module. This allows the user to run the requirement planning and ordering in Netsuite. DemandCaster can be used to view day to day exceptions and what if’s between planning cycles but the MRP and ordering is done in Netsuite. The optional demand and supply planning module offered by Netsuite is required with this option.

12-Month Impact

DemandCaster has a proven record of increased forecast accuracy, inventory reduction, and higher fill rates while driving out many of the non-value added and error prone activities found in traditional spreadsheet planning.

  • Inventory Reduction: Reduce inventory by an average of 25% through an automated and statistical process that quickly calculates optimal order points and safety stocks by item and by location.
  • Stock-Out Reduction: Reduce stock outs by an average of 15% by deploying and testing short and long term planned orders based on optimal lead times and safety stock values.
  • Supply Lead Time Reductions: Reduce supply lead times by 30% by easily identifying poor supply performers, sharing data, and initiating alternate supply partners when necessary.
  • Productivity Improvements: Increase planning productivity between 22% and 66% by automating non-value added forecasting and planning activities and eliminating manual data manipulation.

All subscriptions include unlimited users and complimentary support via phone, web-conference, or email throughout the life of your subscription.


Please reach out to your Netsuite account representative to learn more about DemandCaster or you may click here to schedule a meeting with us.