How to Minimize the Bullwhip Effect with Strategic S&OP

How to Minimize the Bullwhip Effect with Strategic S&OP

You are likely familiar with the “bullwhip effect,” which refers to increasing swings in inventory as you try to meet shifting customer demands the deeper you move into the supply chain. The largest “wave” of the whip hits the supplier of raw materials the hardest. The bullwhip effect also gets compounded by other variables including […]

Are Your Sales Forecasts as Effective as They Could Be?

You may think your sales and operations planning is fairly accurate. You have an idea about customer demand based on what has occurred over the past month and you’ve put the appropriate inventory in place to meet those demands. Unfortunately, we all know that business doesn’t happen on a linear path. Customer demands change. You […]

Forecasting Software Cloud

DemandCaster Now Hosted in the Plex Data Center

On March 12, 2017, we migrated DemandCaster forecasting and demand planning software and data service from Chicago, IL to the Plex Data Center in Auburn Hills, MI. The Plex Data Center is managed by a team of professionals with decades of data center experience. By virtue of this move, DemandCaster SaaS is now SOC 2 […]

DemandCaster Joins Plex Systems

We have important and exciting news to share. DemandCaster is now part of Plex Systems, the industry leader in cloud-based enterprise resource planning solutions. DemandCaster began partnering with Plex about a year ago. In that short time, we’ve achieved tremendous success together in helping customers transform everything from supply chain planning to manufacturing execution. That kind […]

New Requirement Planning Planner Action Layout

Back in October we shared a new planner action requirement planning layout with our users. The objective of the new planner action interface was to make it less cluttered and, what we hope, easier to use.  We are pleased to announce the release of the new layout. The prior planner action included a lot of extra information related […]

Additional Demand Plan Edit Update

As noted in the post “New S&OP Module Demand Plan Editing Queuing Feature,” we released a means to queue demand plan edits made to the demand plan prior to running a full update. With this update, we neglected to mention that the update included a new edited field color code that denotes if a level […]

New S&OP Module Demand Plan Editing Queuing Feature

We released an important new demand plan editing feature for our S&OP Demand and Supply Planning module users. In the past, when you make a user edit to the demand plan, that edit would be immediately applied to the entire demand plan and in turn prevent any further updates while the change is applied. When you have […]

The 7 essential Excel tricks every Excel user needs to know

Here at DemandCaster, we use Excel every day. In fact, the original version of DemandCaster was built using Excel and a number of advanced Excel tricks. All DemandCaster reports are defaulted to output as Excel and Excel can be used to easily prepare and then upload user defined forecasts and other updates as tab delimited text files. Our […]


3 Questions to Ask as you Prepare for an S&OP meeting

Have you ever figured out a problem on your own, just by asking yourself the right questions? Have you ever had that boss or mentor that guides you on the right path by asking questions rather than just giving you answers? What can we learn by asking ourselves or our peers the right questions? In my […]

Are Product Reviews part of your S&OP Process?

Do you review your product portfolio on a regular basis? Understanding the profitability or potential profit-loss, demand behaviors, life-cycle management, new product introduction, and different pricing strategies of your products is extremely important. The cross-functional collaboration between departments that the S&OP process provides, creates the perfect forum for periodically reviewing your product line, whether quarterly […]