Supply Chain Planning Software – Product Overview

Your supply chain, revealed.

As a business, your ability to meet and exceed customer delivery expectations is the key to staying competitive. While this may sound simple enough, without complete visibility into your supply chain network and comprehensive planning capabilities, your business may struggle.

DemandCaster is a visual, multi-variable, cloud-based SCP solution ideal for businesses of all sizes, from just a few hundred SKUs to a multi-level supply chain—growing with you as needs change. When integrated with your ERP, you can confidently and accurately adjust your supply chain and production plans based on automated updates from shop floors and distribution centers. The result: improved forecast accuracies, lower inventories, satisfied customers, and greater competitive advantage.

Improve visibility of your Supply Chain with the Cloud. Learn how.

Advanced Forecasting and Planning core platform delivers a key advantage that ERP systems don't—a system with a highly visual, data-driven understanding of supply chain variables that minimizes lost sales and excess inventory while increasing profitability. It addresses the supply chain planning needs for retail and distribution companies and manufacturing companies:

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